Feet First into Hell: The Tyrant of Badab  

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Once more the 501st Elysian Drop Troops, sup[ported by the dour men of the 291st Death Korps of Krieg has ventured forth to the Maelstrom Zone.  The 501st Attached to the 2nd Brom-leauge Division became embroiled in the Astartes Civil War which became known as the Badab War.  This Last weekend I attended a campaign weekend run by the Tempus Fugitives hosted at Maelstrom Games.  The focus of the campaign was the End-game of the Badab War, an Imperial civil war, which embroiled several sectors of imperial space at the end of M41.  Effectively it became a Space Marine civil war with many chapters pulled into the conflict taking one side or the other for reasons of their own.

I was again in attendance with the Bromley GCN.  Having had no time to paint in and around arranging builders and my own job,  I pretty much had to take the same army as last time.  When I got there, and unpacked for the first game I realised I had forgotten 10 Krieg infantry and a Vendetta. This disaster meant a quick substitution for models I did have in my case.  Out came a tooled up Vulture to cover the missing Vendetta.  I had to loose the Lord Commissar to make it fit, and then add every option the Vulture had to make the points work. even then I was a little short.  I couldn't fix the infantry thing and had to operate without a Squad of infantry in more than one game.

Overall Result for me was 3 Loss and 2 Wins.  Every Game was against a Space Marine army, which i suppose was to be expected in a campaign focused on a Space Marine Civil War, and a bit of a novelty for me as I usually play xenos.  They did make for a tough opposition.

Two of My losses were Capture and Control, inherently difficult for my army to achieve and one of my losses was an Annihilation game that ran to time.  I had 50 Terminators with storm shields to eliminate in 5 turns! where half of them are  deep striking in my face in the first turn.  The number of terminators on the board meant even wildly scattering plasma cannon fire hit something.  I seriously culled the Deathwing that day, but with over half of them using storm shields and thunder hammers it was very difficult to wipe out a whole squads.

Flush Vat 3041, we need five more Kriegsmen
Highlight of the weekend was the space wolves game, My opponent, Stephen, deployed his his Wolf Riders in view of the Executioner Spam.  Fearing them a lot, I glassed the area with Plasma fire.  I caused enough damage to force a Morale check, which they failed, then ran off the board!  It was a fun game for both sides and Stephens Space Wolves came out with a win despite having lost more than three quarters of his army.  One more turn and I would have annihilated what was left, but we ran out of time and he was on an objective.

At the end of the weekend, the Bromleauge imperial guard task force finished in the lower quartile, however one of the other Bromley GCN members romped home with Dark Eldar to win the weekend with a perfect 15 straight wins for a task force of 3 Players, Well done DeathJester!

Once a gain a brilliant weekend put on by the Fugitives.

Basing the 501st  

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The bases are made with twopart Miliput. Either standard or terracotta. Press textures in with a rough stone or broken eice of concrete. The weeds are railway modeling horsehair. they come in a number of colours, but what the hey, you are going to paint them afterwards anyway. The forrets floor humus is a special flock, but mixed herbs work just as well. The tree stumps and logs are twigs I have found over the years.

'ten 'hut  

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When I first saw the Elysian resins I thought US WWII Para's, So I thought I'd go that way with the paint job. Imagine My delight when the taro campaign book came out and they had chosen a very similar paintjob for their models. These models were a milestone for me in three aspects:
- They are the last of my models painted mostly with Citadael paints, after these I went mostly to Valejo.
- They are the first Heroic scale resin models I had painted, I had done larger models before and had mixed results with paint flaking off, I was delighted that I had none of those problems with the Elysians;
- This was my first large scale attempt at proper 3D scenic bases. Prior to this I had done all of my minis either with 3rd party resin bases or with the simple flocking/gravel basing method.

The Regimental HQ platoon for the 501st:
Maj Brabant and his HQ squad: