Basing the 501st  

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The bases are made with twopart Miliput. Either standard or terracotta. Press textures in with a rough stone or broken eice of concrete. The weeds are railway modeling horsehair. they come in a number of colours, but what the hey, you are going to paint them afterwards anyway. The forrets floor humus is a special flock, but mixed herbs work just as well. The tree stumps and logs are twigs I have found over the years.

'ten 'hut  

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When I first saw the Elysian resins I thought US WWII Para's, So I thought I'd go that way with the paint job. Imagine My delight when the taro campaign book came out and they had chosen a very similar paintjob for their models. These models were a milestone for me in three aspects:
- They are the last of my models painted mostly with Citadael paints, after these I went mostly to Valejo.
- They are the first Heroic scale resin models I had painted, I had done larger models before and had mixed results with paint flaking off, I was delighted that I had none of those problems with the Elysians;
- This was my first large scale attempt at proper 3D scenic bases. Prior to this I had done all of my minis either with 3rd party resin bases or with the simple flocking/gravel basing method.

The Regimental HQ platoon for the 501st:
Maj Brabant and his HQ squad: